Slurry Seal Specialists Edinburgh

J&L Road Surfacing are road maintenance contractors who welcome work throughout Scotland and offer a full range of road restoration solutions including the slurry seal process of restoring your driveway or private roads. The slurry sealing process can extend the life of the average pavement by up to 10 years and costs just a tenth of the price of resurfacing. Regardless of where you live, if you would like more information our slurry seal, please contact J&L Road Surfacing.

What is Slurry Sealing ?

Slurry sealing is a restoration technique which is well established. It is a low cost preventative maintenance treatment and should not be confused with resurfacing, where the existing Tarmac surface is replaced. The slurry mixture is a blend of bitumen emulsion, fine aggregate, cement and water, which will considerably extend the life of the underlying macadam. The protective layer of slurry mixture is spread out over the pavement, levelled and then brushed it to give the pavement a textured finish. It then sets to provide a new layer over the existing surface.

The slurry sealing process is weather dependent. Slurry cannot be mixed and applied during wet weather. Wet and humid conditions also slow the drying process of the slurry. In average summer conditions, drying takes less than two hours. Once the slurry has dried, any masking tape will be removed. This part of the process may take place much later in the day, or in some cases, the following day.

J&L Road Surfacing are road contractors who work tirelessly to give customers guaranteed satisfaction on every project we undertake. If you live in Midlothian, we look forward to hearing from you.

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